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Providing piping services throughout the mid-Atlantic and New England region since 1978.

Valve Inserting

New Ductile Iron Resilient Seat Gate Valves installed under pressure on steel, with no disruption in flow, on cast iron, ductile iron, PVC, and ACP/Transite pipe.

Team Insert Valve Sample Spec (PDF 436 Kb)
Certify USA Made products steel and iron act.pdf (PDF 152 Kb)
IV Comparison Looped System.pdf (PDF 455 Kb)

8” Valve Body
Removal of Equipment
8” Insert Valve w/ Post Indicator Plate
Pipe Removal
8” Valve Installed (90 psi Water Main)

Capital Improvement Connection

Specify the Team Capital Improvement Connection (CIC) for your next capital improvement project. Team’s CIC provides valve control today, and pipe replacement tomorrow, even upsizing of the pipe if necessary. This is made possible by the unique design of its integral mechanical joint connection coupled with the fact that the host pipe is not a permanent part of the CIC.

12” Installed on Cast Iron Pipe
Cutting Old Pipe Out
Old Pipe Removed
100% Shut Down
Inside Condition of Pipe
New Pipe Location Laid Out
Installing New Pipe
Pipe Relocated
Pipe Relocated

Hot/Wet Tapping

Method of making a live connection into a pressurized pipe, tank or vessel, for branch connections, product sampling, draining, inspection, installation of instrumentation, air relief points and more.

24” x 20” Wet Tap on Ductile Iron Water Main
(2) 2” Hot Taps on Steam
(2) 16” x 8” Hot Tap on Carbon Steel Pipe Chilled Water
20” x 12” Wet Tap on Ductile Iron Sewer Force Main
(2) 42” x 12” on Carbon Steel Water Main

Line Stopping

Means of temporarily isolating a section of pipe without disruption of service to make modifications to the existing piping system.

3” Line Stop on Cast Iron Water Main
20” Line Stop on Cast Iron Water Main
10” Line Stop on PVC Sewer Force Main
12” Line Stop on Cast Iron Water Main
10” Line Stop on Ductile Iron Sewer Force Main Through Standard Tapping Sleeve and Valve

Sales of Specialty Valves and Fittings

Tapping sleeves and valves can be supplied with the Hot/Wet Tap(s) and/or Line Stop(s) for bolt-on and weld-on applications.

Sales of Specialty Valves and Fittings