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Providing piping services throughout the mid-Atlantic and New England region since 1978.

Insertion Valves


Insta-Valve: A water main break happens every 2 minutes in the US. Still, even during a non-emergency, any section of pipe that needs to be repaired or replaced will result in water loss, possibly impacting customers, the environment, and your utility’s reputation.

Clock Spring/NRI, Advanced Valve Technologies “AVT”

EZ Valve: The insertion valve can be used in a range of industries such as Water and Wastewater Utilities, Onshore, Petrochemical & refinery, Pipeline & Distribution, and Tanks and terminals. The valve also serves a range of specific applications such Fire Hydrants, Valve Exercising and the addition of control points

Romac Industries

InsertaValve: Provides attachment to pipe for drilling and final assembly of the InsertaValve™ Water Control Valve.
QuikValve: QuikValve installs in the open position,
so that water service is uninterrupted.


International Flow Technologies

Michael-Angelo Valves: Our specialty is performing small to big hottaps and linestops in order to replace or add new valves to existing systems without an interruption of service. 


TEAM Insert Valve: In controlling the proper movement of your processes in your plant, it is critical that your control valves are operating at maximum efficiency.


PermaSeal Insertion Valve: The PermaSeal™ Insertion Valve is the first inserting valve solution that is a true Resilient Wedge Gate Valve capable of delivering reliability, longevity, functionality, and repeatable water shut-off throughout the valve’s lifetime.